I quit ranked,this happens too much in my games.

Captured with Lightshot
I decided to play some soloq again,what a mistake,i forget way to easy how many bad games can happen,and waste 20mins just like that. I blurred out the Syndras name because "naming and shaming is not allowed" ther 8 Players were cool so no need to hide them,cool ppl tbh. The game started well,i got an Ocean drag min 4. (ww op),my mid died 1v1,ofcourse it was my fault,for "no gank",i dont mute people,but i also dont respond,she dies again 1v1 and blames me again for not ganking in min 10. ,ignoring the fact that in that time i got 1 kill Top,2 bot,and 2 dragons already. So she says "gank or i afk" while i was doing my crugs,she recalled and stayed in base,going afk,and blaming the afk on me not ganking,my teammates tell her to just play because we were doing well,but this persons mindset was something special. She walked out of base when the afk warning popped up,walking into groups of enemies,intentionally feeding a few more kills,one time actually pressing R on 1 person that i was fighting,taking the kill,so gj to her on that. All in all,this game opened my eyes,i got gold 5,i got the skin and the border,why bother wasting my time when things like this just happen in the games,either on my team or the enemy,i just hope i get the message that a recent report got punished,because if this person continues playing the game,i dont know why i should bother playing. Rant over,hope these things stop happening in the future.
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