Read this everyone.......may you wake up from this Nightmare like me

i really miss league of legends......and all my friends and everything about shame riot banned me.....banned a rich player like me......a player who paid a lot and a lot of money on this could they ban me....and they say i am toxic....they send me chat logs from few games and they show only my chat , why don't you check who started flaming riot??? you want me to see me get abused and my whole family and someone saying : i wish cancer to your family or lose you mother and demon things and ugly pathetic things like that and you want me just to mute them?? what kind of game rule is that??? when you are abused just mute them and play on?? oh really? so others thinks i am weak and pathetic?? no sorry that's not know what players like me who are paying money for this game must get better treatment , because of us you are getting you money to pay your rent and to get food....without us , the rich couldn't have made a good game......we are the reason that this game is famous and existing among many good games.....your report system is pathetic and not improving and not working well and its not even that strong....Riot's logic , get abused and shut up......what an amazing know what? i thank you for banning at least i have a life to live going out with friends more than the time i spent on league of legends . 4 years of playing this game and a lot of money that i have spent on this game....and you don't appreciate us , just like the famous youtube guy , dunkey , you are not worth for us day and its soon a new game shall rise and take the spotlight from you , and then you will come to beg us to come back and you will unlock these accounts , and you must unlock all the paying people accounts because as i said we are the reason that your game exists ugly you are Riot a nice game with the worst rules ever.....true the one that said nothing is perfect ......that's exactly goes for your game , good game with bad rules , thanks for banning me riot .....thanks for making me out of this sick world that only brought me pain and flame and people typing ugly and evil things........they aren't humans , they are demons ....i cant wait till a new game comes out that deletes you from existing ....i hope everyone reading this article , please don't spend money on this game anymore , they don't appreciate it and they don't thank you , don't spend anymore money , dont be fool like me , spending a lot of money and then your account gets banned me they don't deserve your money for something better cinema....books..anything else anything expect this game....please wake up.....when you quit league of legends like me you will feel , that you got your life back...don't waste anymore time on this sick game with its stupid rules and its toxic demon shame you bite the hand that feds you shame...
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