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Hellou guys, I am starting this topic from curiosity , i want to know what make you angry or you consider toxic ,as well as i would like to know what's your opinnion about the toxicity overall per day when you play , i am trying to find if you have same issues as me when comes to play league of legends ,i personally changed myself very much and i am almost like can't have any negative feeling even if people hard abuse of my positive/team work attitude. I say this because recently last night had an game on a secondary account and meeted an support who barrely couldn't stop from trolling with no reason , just because we invaded enemy jungle and the ideea was mine , also enemy invaded our jungle and taked red ,we started just a bit bad and my support started to troll me from lv 1 by staying behind rest of the game no shield on me ,no damage on enemys ,just let me alone 1 vs 2(Ezreal+Leona) on top of that i been and ganked hard of the jungler which was evelyn , so imagine how wonderful can be a game where this kind of behavior can't be ignored such easy ,as is not an chat behavior which can be muted and ignored , is troll , and there's no option to escape of this . I am really don't understand how people can decade so much ... , on top i been positive and been calm and chill he was likely starting to do something just in min 35 , after i manage to get feed and do lot's of damage , but it been to late as the enemy already builded lot's of items and pushed hard all lanes I really consider that toxicity in nowadays is not less than it been 3 years ago , or i am not a lucky guy at all ,cause i barrely see games where are people who play on decent limits and having knowdledge about what they should do and how to do it , is likely hard to find a game where there are people to carry you , and every game i play most likely depend of me , is likely riot dosn't care that i need and good players in team , i am considering myself pretty good player as i have a large knowdledge in this game by playing it about 6 years i may say with breaks of 1 year or more ... i am likely want to state that this toxic behaviour should end once for all . Also i want to suggest you if you don't mind please play more normal games ,if you are new on ranked system and having bad games as you been placed too high in ranked divisions just take a break from ranked and do normal games until you can handle some champions pretty well or decent , i also suggest you to buy at least 2-3 support champions in case you are autofill on support role. I really hope something will be done in future about troll , something like a remake system would be fantastic , an system where you can write the name of the troller/champion he play and the system somehow cancel the game,giving enemy the lp they deserve and making you loss nothing , ofc if this is abused the penalities is issued to these who voted not to the inoccent guy , is something like a remake more cleaver builded I consider that we all shouldn't loss time on trying to play a game 4 vs 5 because someone troll or dosn't act as an normal player or don't seems to care about team mates advices or other stuffs I also would love to see what's your opinnion and what do you think about how flamers/toxic players on chat are banned and how afk/trollers/feeders are banned . From my experience the difference from toxic behaviour on chat and the gameplay toxic behaviour is huge , you asking why ? , i tell you while you can mute and ignore an toxic behaviour on chat ,is almost impossible to ignore someone who troll and make an negative atmosphere in the team ,while people who still play normal pay atention to what the troller is doing or they loss them hope about the result of the game.**** So these been said that's my main argument about this following argument let's say you don't want to play a game ,well if you don't want to be support you just leave and do something else idk is your problem tell to riot about this don't revenge on me cause i don't let you on other lane or cause i am main on my role and i want to play it ,it is as you would do when you get your main role,i don't say that is wrong to give your lane to others depend of what day you had... So as this been said i suggest an huge change about trolls/intentionally afk(dosn't count if you have an emergency or you leave because you have others plans to do , just if you rage quit it count)/intentionally feeding(people who give lot's of kills ,dosn't count if you been hard ganked or you didn't had synergy or just that player was kinda good) so as for these behaviours areas i suggest an directly permanent ban issued on account ,is enought , if you play the game you play the game , if you don't want to do it then be banned permanent and go troll on others game , is not helpful to keep these players on league of legends . If they can't act with responsability then is them problem not ours ,and riot shouldn't give any chance to any kind of this behavior , let's say if someone intentionally feeding is clearly enought for a permanent ban, you will say why , if he want other players worst then this is serious and should be hard punished , not just chill bans of 2 weeks , if you don't want to play league of legends go ahead troll/go afk intentionally/feed intentionally i don't give a "5467" if riot will ban you at first atempt permanent banned account would make these players think twice before they action like that ,and no one will take the risk to do it . Is all about responsability, Assume who you are!
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