I cant not to comment this, at first place its super ultra funny on a second very very sad thing..

Heyo everyone.. Thing is yesterday i had rly interesting game, well it started like this.. Teemo with 2m points on it needed to play againts 2 ppl on top because enemy team didnt had a jungler.. After some minutes because he died twice je started to blame jungler, started to feed and give up on game.. Surrender things, afk in the base and stuff.. Now dont tell me that this is normal game and stuff, same things happens in the ranked by same ppl like this guy, i mean u came to play no? And ofc i got tilted that much that i first tried to cheer him up to come and play because we could win that, but he still went on his own then i told him some bad things. Anyways, i got 10 games chat ban, i repeat I GOT 10 GAMES CHAT BAN.. So Riot actually allows that someone %%%% up your game and when u get tilted because its not a first time, its happening a lot even in rankeds/normals then u getting punishment? Most funny thing is that guy is still playing even today. Seriously, normals and rankeds became so shit nowadays, skill doesnt matter tbh, its just matters who had luck to dont have a troller in his team. Sad thing Riot, rly sad thing.
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