How to feel after a 5v4 loss?

Need some help to figure out how to normally feel, when you play a 5v4 and you loose it (your team having 5 players), how is it common to feel after such a game? Is it normal to be a tiny bit annoyed/frustrated(or any other feelings maybe?) or do you most commonly just move on and not feel anything afterwards? PS. the one(enemy) that went afk also decided to feed (on purpose) 8 kills before leaving roughly at 10minutes PSS. Due to posting this in the wrong board yesterday, it was deleted so im reposting it in hope of that im posting at the right place this time, thanks to a great comment by some green guy named "TorpedoSheep" i decided to add some side info as i realised this might be misunderstood: This is NOT a question about if should i flame my teammates or not. Its NOT about what to write to your team, but simply about your own mindset, is it normal to feel frustrated after a game like that or do most people simply move on without beeing bothered by it? Question is asked because i had a discussion with a friend about it where we disagreed, and again, there was no flaming involved in the picture so please just forget everything you know about flaming while considering the question(if its possible).
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