Punishment System

I've recently become aware of how the punishment system works and have a few issues regarding it. To start off, the whole concept of warning punishments leading into more severe punishments and eventually bans if nothing improves with a player's behaviour is fine. That makes complete sense and works as a system both to deter poor behaviour and attempt to improve the behaviour of people who receive punishments. However, where this falls flat is how the system ties in with Honor. A severe punishment should, without a doubt, revert a player's Honor level back to the start. The problem comes in with how this also happens for warning punishments such as 10 game bans. A loss of 1 or 2 Honor levels would make sense, but an entire revert on all progress does not. In almost every case, Honor takes a long time to build up. For some, it even takes nearly the entirety of the game's season to build up to level 5. Why should players who have worked with their teams and reached such goals be entirely stripped of all recognition simply from a few arguments that may or may not have even been started by them? I personally believe that, if the systems are to work hand-in-hand, they need to have some form of consistency in which the punishments remain equally severe. One punishment that can be lifted in a day or two cannot tie in with a punishment that may be impossible to revert.
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