I recently switched ISPs and that means our internet sometimes goes off for a couple of minutes. It is unpredictable, it can work the entire day then suddenly go off for 5-10mins then come back on again for 15hours or whatever. This means that I disconnected from games a couple of times... unlucky me it strikes just when I am in a league game... but anyway. I then got 10mins added to my queue for 5 games... ok fine I understand it was not nice that other people had to suffer because of my DC... I then completed those 5 games and played a couple more without getting DCs... one of my real life friends started to play the game and we decided to teach him against bots. So we were a full premade group of real life friends and we are all on teamspeak against BOTS.... I got a DC once again, they understand my situation. However... now because of that 1 game against bots with my premade friends that I got a dc in I got leaver bustered again... now with 20mins.... I can't let my friends wait 20mins for me just to enter a game... I feel the system is badly implemented and is punishing people that do not deserve it. I understand the first one, the second one I don't... They might as well have banned me because I am not going to wait 1h 40m just to enter 5 games. It is sad because I have spent a lot of money on this game, I own multiple skins for each champions, and I have them all. Sigh... I sent an email but I doubt they will do anything. I guess this is the end of the line. :(
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