Why does League community encourages Riots inefficient ban system?

hey, I don't really understand how in every single post that object the Riot ban system there are negative votes. Like how autistic is this community. Just ban whoever being toxic problem that's a really convenient logic right there. Awesomely convenient. The ban system is just garbage. Like if you want players to not say bad stuff in game just put a permanent chat restriction like how hard is it. Why permanent bans so the guy just and buy a new account and then buy all the champs with skins like that is the only possible reasoning behind permanently banned accounts. Permanent Bans don't change anything at best it makes the player more toxic. Like why do something like that when you can just permanently give chat restriction and problem is solved. Like can someone explain how permanent bans are more efficient in changing players behaviour then permanent chat restriction when a toxic player just can't speak. Like how, one reason please and if are a silver E-girl better not say a word.

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