Premades need to respect the pickorder.

Had a game where a premade was mad that i didn't let one of them go ADC and decided to ruin the normal game. They, despite knowing I already picked ADC, still picked it. The hypocricy and self entitlement of premades is really annoying. They think just because they are in a party, they get to decide who plays where. Don't get me wrong, if I'm last pick or i'm under the premade, i will respect the pickorder. But for some reason, premades not only think that they should get whatever they want but they expect everyone to just comply. If i'm third pick and the premades are fourth and fifth, I'm going to pick whatever role I want that isn't taken. I might give the role to the premades if they didn't act so entitled. When i picked ADC as third pick, the premade that was fourth wrote (paraphrasing): I'm premade so yeah I'm ADC. And this is blue side, where fourth and third are different rotations. So he actually not only expected to get ADC but he thought that just because he's premade, i'd just give up the ADC role. There aren't any rules that say that i should give up my role when some kid tells me he's premade and that he is going to go that role. I believe that there even was a thread about how pick order is above call order by a Rioter. Yes, it's not cool to not give the premades what they want, sure. But if you aren't going to ask it nicely, then don't expect me to be nice either. I have given up my role for people who ask me nicely (at times). But acting that self entitled when you aren't even picking yet just makes me go: yeah.. no. Stop acting so self entitled and ASK NICELY.
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