Fight With Honor VS Be Friendly

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Well, yes.... I got it... After all my attempts to be friendly... And after almost, a really long time, since i got chat restricted i was able to be considered toxic once again and ruin all my honor... And so, i wanna talk a little bit about the difference of "Playing With Honor" and "Beeing Friendly"...´ ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- So to start things off, lets see what riot tells us to do, in order do be "honorable"... Thats right... "Level Up By Playing To Win"... But what does that exactly mean?? There are tons of different personalities, some people are friendly in order to win, some are agressive thowards the team in order for them to see that they are not there to have fun... And then, there are people like me, wich i guess can be called "passive-agressive", wich from what i understand, means that your behaviour is influenced by the way other people act... And for some reason i either: - Be nice, not caring about the game - Be that passive-agressive sh*t, and give my best to win games But what does it make me not-honorable??? Well, as i said, my behaviour is easly changed from game to game... In the first game i can be really friendly, and all that stuff... And on the second game, or even the middle of the first one, i can turn into Tyler1... Why?? Because i like to "keep peace", i know that isnt the best thing to do, but if someone on my team starts blaming other person for him losing, i try to explain him why that person shouldnt blame him, or why didnt the other person help him, etc... And for some reason, that is toxic behaviour... Saying such things as: - Dude, shut up please, you are tilting the team, the jungler didnt gank you because you were too far behind, your enemy is fed, could easly turn a 2v1 in his favor... - Man, stop acting like a kid, you shouldnt give up so easly in this games... If you are not going to try to get a win, dont play Rankeds, go normals or aram... But this, because it was on lobby screen, its not "not-honorable": (game started) Random guy: mid Random guy: mid Random guy: mid Random guy: mid Random guy: mid Random guy: im mid Random guy: no, im mid Random guy: sftu, i called first Random guy: no, i go mid f*ck you Random guy: (keep spamming some sh*t) All this from the same guy... And surprisingly enough, wow, he had level 3 honor O.o --------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- So, because im too tired and i wanna play some games, my question is: How do you actually increase your honor level?? Because in my oppinion, Beeing a nice person, and "Trying to win"-attitude, are completly different things... Or just let me know if my idea is wrong, and both things mean the same... --------------------- --------------------- "Hope you are all having a wonderful day", goodbye from someone that really isnt acting like a honor slave...
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