When someone tells you Elo hell isnt real, just show them this picture.

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Okay so, i am the Yi in this game, and yes i did have a bad score, but its very fun being raped by a fed jinx one shot (under the turret mind you!) while you cant move because nami likes bubbles and pantheon has an addiction where he likes to jump on you all the damn time. Now riot, when will this change? Im not the only one sick and tired of toxicity and cancer that is soloq. I stopped playing this game when the last season ended, and for god knows what reason i came back to it a couple of weeks ago. Now, i thought that by the time i get back, the toxicity will atleast be a little bit better, but its the complete opposite. Even if i report someone that was obviously inting, nothing happens... In this game, galio was full on trolling (Not at the start but once he realized that both top and bottom lane are inting he started trolling aswell). He bought 3 tear of the goddess's in the 12th or 13th minute, he was running around their base and he was walking up to jinx and spamming emotes while she was killing him, i reported him and lets see what happens now. When will the game become a place that is toxic-free, or ATLEAST when will it become less toxic... Please riot... Please..
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