Love the Arcade Event Blizzard!!

I´m a casual player oldtime player (been playing since open beta), with several accounts spread on EUNE and EUW. I usually only try to get my accounts to gold (for the end of season rewards), but never had this (my First account) on gold level. For some reason it usually ends up mid Silver while i have had as many as four other accounts to gold for a season. This season i´m mostly playing on this account to finally try get it to gold to ( i mean it is my "Main" account ), but started early and was put in S5 and been pending between B1 and S5 for most of the season ( also been very casual playing Hearthstone in between ). Along come the Arcade events with some new fresh skins for some of my favorite champs ( Brand and Malzahar ), got me both the event pass and and the skin pack, and i´m finally climbing!! From just loosing like every other game or more to winning 70% and my teamates ( well most of them just feel like great players with positive attitudes ), i´m bound to say that this arcade event made me a better player but i´m not sure thats what happened....anyway, thanks Riot! This Event was right up my alley.{{champion:90}}

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