Well then...

So yea ahmm... i used to rage and swear a lot in the game mainly because my team fed or some troll stole my lane whatever... i got a 25 games ban, i completed the games, and look, it worked, it really worked, i'm now being as friendly as i can, even when i'm raging, i don't insult anymore and stuff like that, i am trying to get my full rights back (this means getting loot), i even got a honor badge, something that i have never gotten, no seriously look: http://i.imgur.com/251M2Xw.png lol. Although i'm really sad because i'm doing efforts to reform myself and i still don't get my full rights, every game at the end i expect to get a loot but i still have the "restricted" thing message. I wonder how long it will take... EDIT: Just started getting loot ^^
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