My logical conclusion

Typical day in League of Legends when I lose a game and I'm... * **P3 0LP** «Plat hardstuck» * **P2 0LP** «Plat hardstuck» * **P1 0LP** «Plat hardstuck» * **D5 0LP** «Diamond hardstuck», «Diamond is shit», «Diamond is like bronze» When they find out I'm ranked diamond in both flex & soloQ last season: «Flex is shit, it doesn't count anything». Being ranked diamond in flex automatically nullifies my diamond in soloQ. When they see my mastery points on Shen they disrespect and accuse me of losing the game. Usually people blame junglers when they lose laning phase, can't stand pressure or accept their mistakes. But when there's me with my 2.2M mastery points I'm the one to blame. When you ask them «If I am so bad, why are you ranked lower than me during the last 3-4-5-6 seasons? Why did you never reach diamond?» the answer is «Because of people like you!». -------------------------------------------------------- Here is my logical conclusion. * Having 0 LP is worse than being bronze 5 with some LPs. B5 1 LP > D1 0 LP * Iron > Bronze > Diamond > Silver > Gold > Plat > Master. This is correct * Mastering a champion automatically make you the sole resposibile for defeats * Love being hated by everyone? Get 2.2M mastery point and enjoy it * The rank you have in flex resets the one you have in soloQ and counts like a malus * The rank of your offending opponents doesn't count. Everyone is better than you * You are the reason why people can't climb
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