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Greetings Everyone... Iam here to talk about riot permanent suspension policy ... first of all, I don't consider myself as a toxic or a negative behavior , maybe unlucky matches ... but let's talk about how can someone lose all his effort on an account and his money just because of a match? .. we all do behave unlucky crazy matches but there must be threats rather going to direct painful punishments like these... From long time ago and I don't agree with the permanent suspension policy as I see it no-sense even if (Even If) this player is ultra toxic or helpless it shouldn't be easy to get permanent there has to be a sequence of punishments and threats before leading to this tragic end ... I never did a something like this before (The Discussion) , but what made me do this is that sadly This happened to me ... so let's talk about me for a while before going back to the policy... My permanent suspension was for a match which was so unlucky .. let's talk about it ... I had a yasuo and lulu premades , lulu went midlane and yasuo went botlane (Adc) then lulu died first blood and swapped with yasuo... then yasuo went for inting ... kept losing and dying to irelia without stopping and blaming me for every mistake he did ... and he called me an APE , EUNE DOG .. but sadly I couldn't catch it with screenshot as this screenshots were taken from recorded (Kills or Deaths from match -Overwolf app) and I didn't reply back ... I did called him before the ending of the match when I couldn't hold it anymore when he kept inting and dying and flaming so I called him dumb toxic player , and pathetic midlaner ... was this being rude considering what he said to me? (Riot: we don't treat fire with fire... so Iam wrong) Yeah I might be wrong but I was extremely angry because this non-stopping inting player who can't stop it or close his mouth ... (Riot see the way of making things better is by pressing the mute button) but overall I have tried this before alot ... this is a team-game and by going mute 90% it makes things worse .. cuz less communication and that can make the one I muted even more tilted so he goes with much more negativity ... not the best option (mute) But this supposed to be a team-game right? and for entertainment? so that yasuo guy just ruined the promo match and ruin the game and made no entertainment in that just misery of 30 mins .. considering it's 1 match but sadly I have to play 2 more to get the to series again then win 2 more to be at the same position ... so more like (30 x 4 = 120 mins of my life wasted because this player ...) let's talk about that.. how can I waste my effort like that? I know bad matches exists but ... he refused listen to the whole team ... that tried to help him ... nasus had the lead , I had the lead but he was super aggressive vs irelia + (Shaco)... and I was supposed to help him when he was pushing all time time.. and dying ... Luckily in the screenshots existing evidence that the team tried to help him except surely his premade lulu ... and any words of me would have tilted him even more in the early... I wanted to help him more than once but it was late ... irelia was super fed in early... So as I said I do believe in bad unlucky matches ... but I don't support the bad-behavior ... he could try to win by being a team-player and safe... but his mentality was super bad... and btw (He didn't get a punishment after that match... I checked his match-history days after ...) And I was the one who got the punishment the suspension for saying mild words for extremely negative player by the approval of the whole team... (Even irelia was impressed by his behavior and what he was doing) And Here Are The Screenshots: And Here Is The Chat Log: Game 1 Pre-Game Black0Price: can I mid? Black0Price: nah i just want mid Black0Price: now what Black0Price: iam not mid right? In-Game Black0Price: just be safe lulu Black0Price: ur going vs master Black0Price: or mb he is bot Black0Price: buddy Black0Price: what's worse than playing vs high elo players Black0Price: is playing with low elo players Black0Price: yasuo main talking :) Black0Price: why doesn't he talk :D Black0Price: why did u went back? Black0Price: .............. Black0Price: screw this match Black0Price: ARE U KIDING ME>| Black0Price: when i came bot Black0Price: what were u doing? Black0Price: i wont gank Black0Price: so stfu Black0Price: pathetic Black0Price: i wont gakn Black0Price: with that attiutde Black0Price: next time Black0Price: iam muting u Black0Price: u commited Black0Price: losing Black0Price: this Black0Price: by going lulu mid Black0Price: and thinking u can carry Black0Price: not stfu Black0Price: cuz ur inting Black0Price: 0/5 Black0Price: AND I WONT Black0Price: GROW UP Black0Price: i wont Black0Price: open in my promo Black0Price: rather play good or u gonna get muted Black0Price: pathetic midlaner to be honest Black0Price: why u do keep fighting? Black0Price: because there is no mid pressure Black0Price: or midlaner Black0Price: nah we will win Black0Price: cuz yasuo is good but dumb Black0Price: and toxic Black0Price: dude Black0Price: ur really dumb Black0Price: in the farming situation Black0Price: u fight Black0Price: and in fighting situation u farm Black0Price: what's ur logic Black0Price: u went top Black0Price: while lulu,braum Black0Price: had free target on vel'koz Black0Price: and took my red Black0Price: what a pathetic Black0Price: i wont gank Black0Price: a toxic Black0Price: player Black0Price: cuz Black0Price: i freaking Black0Price: asked for midlane Black0Price: Report yasuo Black0Price: And bg Black0Price: |u think? Black0Price: Just be honorabl Black0Price: And reort yasuo Post-Game Black0Price: yasuo Black0Price: ur main Black0Price: speaking about challengars Black0Price: ur just low Black0Price: can't behave vision Black0Price: control Black0Price: or midlane tactics Black0Price: or even basics Black0Price: so please honorable Black0Price: more wards xD Black0Price: and yet Black0Price: u kept pushing Black0Price: i wont babysit Black0Price: a toxic player Black0Price: like u Black0Price: u called me an ape Black0Price: cuz u died Black0Price: to irelia Black0Price: 1v1 Black0Price: look man Black0Price: speaking with u Black0Price: is pointless Black0Price: ur bad Black0Price: and i know ur bad Black0Price: just guys Black0Price: be honorable Black0Price: and report him Black0Price: he successfully Black0Price: ruined my prom Black0Price: thx ======================== I didn't ask for reports like in a false case... this guy legit ruined a match.. but if you consider this behavior is wrong by asking for reports ... ok I didn't know that to be honest... But Considering that I was in a critical case ... and my account is being observed ... did I deserve that permanent suspension? shouldn't it be a threats even before rushing into this tragic punishment... however I was reforming and was doing better ... considering that I play more than 6 matches a day... and it had been like (3 weeks or more ... Don't remember precisely actually) before the suspension and I had played more 5 matches daily... 1 match ruin everything? - Your just committing that this player wont reform every by closing his account permanently ... - I did play this game for more than 6 years ... I was never a bad or negative player... my (Suspensions) and negativity as riot's point of view beginning of this season or to be accurate by the ending of the previous season... There should be something for old players or something... Because I had no negativity behavior ... and even after my suspension I learnt from them and was reforming but sometimes it's hard to keep your anger... so that's why it's called bad match.. unlucky matches... and bad things happen.. But I think the policy that riot is going with nowdays are so so so strict and completely unfair and has no logic in many situations ... that it takes the negative players and also the good players, after I was suspended for 14-days it has been so easy to get punished for ... even if I call someone a toxic for being toxic for saying bad words could be something that can get me punished for... -overall riot punishment system just follows the results and abandon the main reasons... Like when a player get 3 matches playing badly ... 1/8 with similar scores for example with yasuo ... this isn't unlucky matches surely... he is just playing super badly... and his team-mates have to suffer or carry him ... so how is this fair? why that such behavior of being extremely bad not something that deserve punishment for (Surely if not just only 1 bad match) and saying couple of mild words like dumb in 1 match becomes something really really cruel? If iam saying non-sense words or trash-talking I can get muted.. and ignored.. but if I int or play super badly ... I just simply lose my team the game am I right? 70% of the players getting angry is because the game-play behavior not just the words... like if iam ahead and winning the game and someone says bad words or even insults me I wouldn't care ... but if iam losing that would anger me especially if he is the reason for losing just like in case of my game with yasuo ... Also yasuo was master in rank last season... which made me more surprised with that... Because in platinum elo or diamond elo... players game-play and attitude should be different...much better but simply there are some players that just silvers and golds are much better than them and it's completely unfair to be match-made with them ..... - Also one thing which really annoyed me ... that I've contacted player support for more like 10 tickets since the beginning (6 years ago) from the basic asking for information about something to technical issues to RP request to tournament things to reporting players to even my first suspension... but when I ticketed riot after I received my permanent suspension ... I got replied 3 times .. and in the first time there was delay of 2 days and on the second time 1 day and half , and the third day 1 day... which nearly a week... considering that there was 1 reply in the first time which was by blitzcrank that I didn't count... which ticket like this should has the priority ... but moreover the support agents were super unhelpful they weren't just helping at all .. saying (Riot punishments can't be reversed .. -because they are never wrong :P) and not replying to most of my topics that I noted in my reply and treated me totally different .. like I was criminal or something and treating me with contempt - I just don't know... Iam so sad about my account which I made alot of effort to reach that rank ... and to collect those skins... and to get nearly the full champions ... and suddenly losing everything like that...I really don't know ... But I find that punishment policy unfair... really unfair... - Iam sorry for the long speech... but please before responding put yourself in my situation ... and please note that I was reforming and I was getting better and I was super careful after my first suspension...
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