I got banned just for using some naughty words without willing to flame!!!!

Dear Riot Games, With all respect to your game , I am asking you to check the whole chat from the last game I have played. **_Just because I said "moron"; " tard" and "%%%", does not mean that I was willing to flame or be toxic._** I can admit that I was mad at them and out of anger I used those words just because they wanted to report me for no reason. At the end I even apologised for that. My whole point I that I do not consider myself as toxic player at that game. If you really respect the summoner code I would like you to check the chat and see for yourself if i was banned for a good reason or not. If I'm guilty I will accept your judgement, as a respectful player, but if I'm innocent I would love to get unbanned immediately, please!!! **Ty for your attention.** P.S Sorry if my english is bad.

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