A call for change to remakes

Just had a game where a player dc'ed at 2:30, but they never moved out of the spawn. Alas, we could not remake, support goes to troll and goes AFK, but stays in chat. Player reconnects at about 9:00, at which point we've been 3v5'ing the entire time. Top gets busy flaming the midlaner (The one that was dc) and the toxic escapades are on. The only person staying even remotely calm is the ADC ( I know WTF ). We also could not do an early surrender because of the support that decided to start trolling. I'd just love it if we could remake a situation like that where the player has not even left base. RITO PLS EDIT: Let me override the bloody "NO SURRENDER"-vote by sacrificing 10 LP pr something. I'd rather that than have to sit through that pain.
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