In which world Riot?

In which world does putting someone who, at no fault of their own, got disconnected from your servers (the rest of my internet works fine), and was unable to reconnect due to "no connection, try again" messages popping up, on 5 games of low priority queue sound okay? I'm talking after ONE game. I understand that now I gotta play some normals to see if my connection is good enough for the future. It was ONE game. I had no control over it. Low priority queue is insanely irritating. It's not a ban, but it takes 25 minutes of valuable game time from a working person. The little free time I have is spent studying or taking care of my grandma. Why do I need to spend 5 minutes "contemplating" what I did wrong before every game? I'll tell you what I did wrong, I TRUSTED you Riot. I trusted that you would be my one relaxing part of the day. I understand your need to punish leavers. But after ONE game of unintential disconnects? Do you care at all about your consumers? Rant aside, lots of big game companies have ways to punish rule breakers, but what all of those have in common that League doesn't appear to have, is an appeal system. This is especially important when we're dealing with an automated system. Can't you check whether it was a problem on your part?

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