Does this deserve a 14 day suspension?

So basically these are the things I wrote during the game... Game 1 ElementAlix: camp more... ElementAlix: %%%got ElementAlix: %%%gots ElementAlix: %%%gots ElementAlix: the better ElementAlix: XD ElementAlix: nani ElementAlix: more pls ElementAlix: more ElementAlix: youll need it ElementAlix: mad? i want a challenge ElementAlix: which one? ElementAlix: we 2v2 you ElementAlix: now it just sounds like you are crying :p ElementAlix: you wrote more tho :p ElementAlix: count the letters ElementAlix: you havent seen my 10000 yet :p (this one I said to someone in my team with 150 ping) ElementAlix: gj (said to the enemy kogmaw that got a pentakill...) ElementAlix: ok boys ElementAlix: lets push top or bot 1. We got camped during that game in the botlane, which made me and my premade tilt. Because well it was a perma 2v4 during the first 15 minutes of the game. The moment where i used the word "%%%gots" was during a 3 minute period, while we were 5-8 minutes into the game. After that I more or less kind of laughed it away with saying XD and nani in all chat. Aswell as saying more pls, I want a challenge. Just because I knew it was lost anyways, but we kind of still had a chance 2v2, stating that I tried to be positive. 2. I was basically a bit trolling the enemy Thresh with stating that he probably wrote more then me this game, based on the amount of letters he wrote. 3. The enemy Kogmaw got a pentakill during that game, again my lane opponent. As you can see I wrote "gj" in all chat to my opponent, which meant I was congragulating him for his pentakill. So during that game i tried to get nice again, but I think riot just doens't look into this at all. And after that I even tried to make sure we got the best out of the game we possibly could, so I just tried to do my best in the game, instead of going AFK or blaming my jungler and mid for letting the opponents roam all the time. So, I completly understand I shouldn't be using the words in the first place, but saying that, it was 3 minutes in this game. They haven't any of the other games themselves and I even said GJ to my opponent for his pentakill. So that gives me a 14 day suspension of playing the game? Giving me a chat restriction seems alright, and making me dishonorable aswell. But a 14 days ban for this, it just seems way to harsh for what actually happened, and they haven't even looked into what other people said during that game... What do you guys think?
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