Stop Perma ban for Flame ? (Riot Games)

I really think that it is necessary to PERMA ban for racism, homophobia and appeals for suicide! But PERMA ban for the flame? We are all human beings and we all have really bad days Boss yelling at work At school you are beaten up The girl does not give Family problems or with friends And much more...................... And you go into your favorite game and 1-2 assholes starts to waste your time (feed / troll / afk) If someone is flaming you just throw him a mute and THATS IT ! but there no way out from trolls / feeders and afk. x9 jungl all ty for games trolls am done ty for feed ff this game is done 0-10-0 Gj adc !!! all these things can lead you to PERMA ban !!!!!! Maybe you should stop banning forever for the flame? Maby y start ban chat like blizzard ? You flame ??? ban 1 day ! Flame agian 2 days ! Flame more ? 4 days ! Flame agian 8 days ! and this keep going ..... 14/28/56 days ........ I really love this game, but the community and the attitude towards the players are so rotten that players start behaving like animals. You can just say "You deserve it" and you can really influence to change the game. And all the people who say "You deserve it" If you are such a person who can be detached from the AFK and feeder trolls, you are a happy person and y have 0 problems in life and not all are as strong as you !!!! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} What y think about it ? Leave comment and VOTE plz. Ty for your time and GL in game. You have to watch this VIDEO ! my eng not perfect i know ....
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