How can i Win can someone tell me

Riot games i respect ur game i respect all the people that created this game and all i know i shouldn`t talk about this, but this is ridiculous. Some player or riot member must tell me how can i win please cause i win lane roam get more kills kill my laner some more and than lose the game. Cause of 1 player that feeds so much. Look at my last game it went so well SO SO well but because of a vayne top we lose. I was viktor mid i was killing yasuo and all and vayne fed fiddle she was 0/5 at 18-20 mins and she wasn`t communicating she goes in lane and gets killed cause she goes agressive. And because fiddle 1 shot me we weren`t able to win my laner which was yasuo got kills came back CAUSE BAD TEAMMATES and they won. Fiddle carried them and idk what to say i might quit this game cause this is ridiculous now and if i quit i`ll tell all the people that want to play or started to play that are lower elo to quit to play other games cause riot does nothing for the players.
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