[PERMABAN] Just another unjust permban thread

Well, got permabanned for one chatlog of a game where I was being trolled by a Gragas who tilted after a death that ensued a Blitz's Flash-Q. The guy started to farm the botlane and feed the enemy Kog'Maw, then feed everyone else to end up afking at the base with tears in his inventory. AND I got permabanned for these words : Game 1 McGregor777: Just watch your %%%%in' game. McGregor777: How to win your game : flash Q the %%% jungler. McGregor777: %%%got. McGregor777: Snowflakes like you should be ranked forbidden. McGregor777: Who knows =/ McGregor777: You too ! McGregor777: Let's get back in the game ! McGregor777: If you want man. McGregor777: "hardstuck". McGregor777: Go ahead. McGregor777: "Hardstuck". McGregor777: Tears of Graggy McGregor777: Ye, why you tilt ? McGregor777: Worth it :3 McGregor777: gg ez I'm used to read racist insults towards me ('cause I'm froggy frenchy), but I never see any notification that this kind of behavior is punished. But when I'm getting trolled and I just respond with, let's admit it, basic insults (no cancer or stuff like that), I get permabanned. Legit I guess. This game's ban system is completely flawed and uneffecient : trollers, flamers, tilters and other stuff like this still play without any threat of ban, but regular players who have to endure this do. PS : Second time I get a ban after a game where I got hard trolled. Guess it's totally normal in this game to be banned when you endure such "players" and tilts because of them.
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