serious examples showing that current report system punishes innocent cases. not qq thread. READ

if u want to skip details about what happened in each game _dont read italics_ i really dont want any biased typical player who thinks every thread is a qq thread and start downvoting without reading anything. please, just because i put some chat logs it doesnt mean i qq for my punishment. even if i am, thats not the point of this thread!!!! i got some arguments and examples here, that if u dont counter means riot has gone wrong with this system. GAME1 i numbered this chat so i explain it below. 1Billy Darkcrash: look nasus name XD 2Billy Darkcrash: ikr 3Billy Darkcrash: idk 4Billy Darkcrash: eve camps top 5Billy Darkcrash: xin try counter gank or at least start ganking 6Billy Darkcrash: xin unless you do something we will 100% lose the game 7Billy Darkcrash: gg ? we played 4v5... 8Billy Darkcrash: bg wp Explaining why what i typed is not punishable: _1-2 : nasus was opponent and he had a really funny name which i cannot now recall. i said to only to our team's chat and we laughed. 3 : some1 asked us something about jax getting buffed in upcoming patch 6.3. had no clue 4 : at 6th minute, eve had gank top 5 times and she was literally camping. what i said, "eve camps top" is not flaming nor negativity. it only provides valuable information to my team. it gives info to my jungler so he can freely gank mid or bot, successfully counter gank top, or counter-jungle. it also gives info to my other lanes, mid and bot, so they can freely pressure their lanes without the fear or evelynn. 5 : 12 minutes into game, eve has 4/0/6 stats, she has ganked top mid and bot around 15 times total, game is 11/0 and xin counts zero ganks. he was literally afk jungling since game started. 6 : 15 minutes into game xin keeps afk jungling. **5-6 :** what i said in those 2 sentences is not flaming or negativity. i did it only to have more chances of winning the ranked game. imagine if xin was talking irl to some1 in his room at that time or if he was having a conversation with some1 in lol using /whisper. i myself do this many times (in normals though. not in ranked games) and when im jungle i afk jungle paying no attention to the game and when i am in lane i say no ss and i only passively farm. its like brain goes auto pilot and without paying attention to it at all you passively farm. but thats all you do. and when that player is a jungler game is practically 4v5 if he does it the whole game. Anyways whatever i said in 5 and 6 i did it for the above explained reason. if that was the case it would give us more chances on winning. i just tried. had nothing to lose. i didnt flame him. **7-8** : 23 minutes into game when we get aced (xin was cought on his jungle by eve. dont u think for a single moment that he grouped and we lost 5v5), some1 says gg wp and i simply, calmly and politely reply to him with last 2 sentences. he said i was correct and typed again bg wp after me. (mentioned it just for the record.) we ff'ed after it._ outcome : i get one honor for honorable opponent and one report from xin for no reason which also contributed to my punishment alongside the following 2 games. **i clearly said nothing wrong and yet i got punished from system. if u argue that what i said is flame reading the above 1st sentence of 5-6 is enough.** GAME2 Billy Darkcrash: how it helped me. it just helped him freeze lane Billy Darkcrash: top lost because were 1v1 and he counters me Billy Darkcrash: we tred and fail. now he will poke me with when i try to farm under turret and then dive me free all game long Billy Darkcrash: shaco comes top rene gets double now i will just feed him cant do anything else cant even stay under turret he dives Billy Darkcrash: no u cant. i just say hows this gamw now Billy Darkcrash: shaco ganked top and rene got double kill. then udyr ganks top and i kill rene 1v2. how im troll. mf reported for verbal abuse Billy Darkcrash: its like i play 1v3 top. idk why u even flame Billy Darkcrash: i flame u all ? i flame noone. not even shaco. u are the only flaming here. u and thresh Billy Darkcrash: u keep saying if lame but i dont say a single ward. _why i lost top : i was top as jax vs renekton. by definition of the matchup i am supposed to lose 1v1. i was 0/0 with same cs, untill shaco came top to gank me and renekton got us double kill._ **i didnt flame shaco. not then, not ever. but at that point i just explained that top was lost. any high elo player knows that. why i fed top : ** _a few minutes later renekton dived me full health will the help from his jungler. rene 3/0. a few minutes later, renekton is snowballing and he then dives me again full health but this time alone. i literally was under my turret at full hp and he just straight forward dived me and killed me. renekton was so fed and tanky, i was so far behind and shaco is so squishy that he coudnt do anything top to help me. simply if he came again we would die again. our mid asked me how i lost toplane and i replied to him. simple straight forward question and answer. no flame by either side of mine or his. then our bot (guess premades. adc and support. it was like an orchestra...) started flaming me big time for feeding. before they go extremely offensive, one asked me why i feed top and i explained it to him._ **as we kept losing even harder they started swearing things, insulting my whole family tree from my little sister to my cancer-deceased grandpa. at that point i stated they crossed the line -> thus the report, and that i mute them. still no flaming and no negativity.**_ GAME3 i added just the all chat at the end to show which ones chat logs were seen by opponents. Billy Darkcrash: lets ready what abilities do now. Billy Darkcrash: x) Billy Darkcrash: Lol Billy Darkcrash: why u go ignite top Billy Darkcrash: but he counters u Billy Darkcrash: and thats why u lost your lane Billy Darkcrash: then go tp Billy Darkcrash: if u are bad Billy Darkcrash: and dont play riven Billy Darkcrash: play shen voli naut malphite Billy Darkcrash: panic f Billy Darkcrash: riven runing away from kindred ulty Billy Darkcrash: ;v Billy Darkcrash: at the end Billy Darkcrash: it heals u Billy Darkcrash: alistar Billy Darkcrash: is caitlyn farming ggood ? Billy Darkcrash: what are u doing bot Billy Darkcrash: except for watchign cait csing Billy Darkcrash: TO FOLLOW MAYBE Billy Darkcrash: 1v3 mid Billy Darkcrash: repor alistar Billy Darkcrash: trolling Billy Darkcrash: report him Billy Darkcrash: bg Billy Darkcrash: all report ali guys Billy Darkcrash: he assists enemy team Billy Darkcrash: x9 Billy Darkcrash: bg wp Billy Darkcrash: troll more Billy Darkcrash: u lost htis game ali Billy Darkcrash: u dont feed Billy Darkcrash: u troll Billy Darkcrash: and u lost this game Billy Darkcrash: single handedly Billy Darkcrash: because u troll Billy Darkcrash: what flamer Billy Darkcrash: u trolled before we flame Billy Darkcrash: thats why we flame [all] Billy Darkcrash: x9 alistar [all] Billy Darkcrash: so bad game [all] Billy Darkcrash: we got troller [all] Billy Darkcrash: plz report him [all] Billy Darkcrash: he deserves ban [all] Billy Darkcrash: he intentionally lost game _sum up: alistar intentionally lost the game by staying afk last hitting alone in botlane while opponents were winning the game 4v5. the game was 50-50 at 17:30 minutes when they all grouped mid and pushed 4v5 taking mid outer turret, mid inner turret, mid inhibitor turret, mid inhibitor, nexus turrets and nexus IN ONE-PUSH-WIN. they never recalled. in 2 minutes they won the game. we never went afk. we never "opened mid". we were at mid trying to defend 4v5. we died one by one because we always were outnumbered. Meanwhile alistar last hitting bot lane. Opponents said bg and that they would report alistar. my jungler and my adc flamed and insulted alistar big time. i did not _ fun fact : alistar is the only one who reports me out of pure anger (or maybe because he didnt remember who wished him cancer), and i end up getting punished. riot said i created negative environment and thus i get punished for it. truth is i did not create negative environment. if at least one opponent reported me for that yes. but noone did, because those 5 things that i wrote in all chat were in the last seconds of the game when they were hitting nexus down to 20% hp and it couldnt make any opponent report me for negative attitude. also, my team did not report me because jungle and adc were my premades, and also because our top riven honoured me after the game. now is good time to mention that my early chat logs towards riven may now seem kind of offensive or passive aggressive but they were not. i was just adding stuff to what riven said to herself. she flamed herself for performing poorly with riven. anyway her honor proves it to me anyways. **Pay attention now fellows : yes i spammed in our own chat and that can truly be deemed negative and be punished. but that alone doesnt get you punished. you actually have to be reported for that reason to get punished. since my premades and our riven didnt report me, the only player in the game who reported me was the troll alistar. which alone denies any chance that had to create negative environment, since he was the one who destroyed that game.** (if i flamed him like the others yes i could and/or should be punished for that. but i never flamed him.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, wat i understood so far. i got reported out of pure hate and for feeding, and i got punished for another reason (negativity/flaming). Please read the following example of what is happening and how riot system is exploited : **Lets say u are at school with your best friend. You two are alone in a corner talking. You also are used to calling each other retard for fun in the middle of the sentences (you get the point...). Another kid, which is just passing by, hears you calling your friend retard, and goes straight forward to the teacher and reports you (what a snitch right ?). Then the teacher expels you from school for verbally harassing, abusing and bullying your friend. Which is a total LIE! you know it, your friend knows it. yet u get punished for something u did not do. u get punished for abusing harassing and abusing, which u didnt. i got punished for creating negative environment, which i didnt.** **in riot's system it doesnt matter who reports you. if the only thing u say in a game is in your team's chat and you call retard your support, and after the game the only report you receive is a false report from an opponent who reports you for offensive, then the that report is rendered valid. even if actually you didnt offend anyone.** (some more "valid" reports like that and then comes the punishment from riot) like the last game with alistar, in the 2nd game too, my mid and even my jungler who lost my lane, never flamed me or felt any negativity from me. what they did in the game was to be supportive towards me by defending me from the flamers. also, shaco said that he actually did lose my lane and that he was sorry. Also i said nothing in all chat at that game, so practically** the only reports i received were from the 2 guys flaming me, our bot. Why would they report me ? for the same reason they flamed and bullied me. because i was feeding and i was losing their game. Why did i get punished from system ? for total another reason. for creating negative inveronment wich again is the same situation with alistar. who is creating negative environment. me ? which the only thing i did was simple answers to simple questions? or the flamers, who kept spamming insults all game long ?** **Extra info : why xin and alistar were actually trolling and intentionally losing both ranked games in such a way so riot cannot detect and punish them ? **_because in champion selection xin did not get the role he wanted and he said we would lose if we didnt give him his main role because he is terrible jungler. our mid refused to swap and he said ok i will afk jungle. carry me. Why alistar trolled ? we think he was tilted because when we joined champion selection he flamed riot because 20 games in a row he was putting mid 1st order and support 2nd order but he kept getting into support. except that, he pretty much said nothing in rest of champ select, except a point in game when we asked him why he trolled and he responded because we flamed him. and then i told him we flamed him only after he started trolling etc etc. _ Ok, end of wall of text. cookies to the ones who literally read everything. (Y) u got no life fellows! Kappa So, riot please bring back tribunal asap. at least players know better than bots that if some1 has only one report and that comes from a 0/40/0 teemo, unless he wished cancer and such he is innocent!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit : the link from my email related to the chat logs doesnt work on the web months now. except that, it only shows the latest chat log and not all the related to the punish ones. So, sorry that i cant prove them. (i can actually screenshot them from in-game client if some1 really wants it)
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