Explanation please, no seriously i want to know

So, just had a game where my top lane nasus went like 0/8 in lane, feeding the enemy irelia really hard. That is ok thoough, everybody has bad games. What i do not get is why our vi then decided to give up and troll because of it, roaming around the junge avoiding all interaction basically making it a 4v5, effectively beeing afk. To people that behave like that, i have one question: Why? No, honestly, i am genuinly interested why you would behave like that, especially if the game would still be a win considering all other lanes dominated, but even if it were looking grim, there is absolutely no reason to be like that ( also no reason to surrender btw almost every game can be turned around). i Almost forgot that the community has people like that since my games were relatively fine this season so far, today was a grim reminder ( plus it happened in my promos clichee , just leage things i guess). I honestly do not understand what would drive you to act like some spoiled child that didnt get his 5000€ pc for christmas or something, because i dont understand. confused and honestly kinda pissed off, Fedairkid
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