Can we please make CS stealing/hitting by the support a reportable offense?

Hi, Everyone knows that the only steady source of income for the ADC, is his/her farm and then you have these supports who keep hitting or stealing your CS and totally messing up your farm. I have multiple games where I ping, ask them to lay off the CS, but those supports refuse to. Besides they're already taking all the kills, they even have the nerve to take the ADC's only viable source of income. It's horrible and I don't get it why it is even allowed in the first place? The only three situations I can imagine it would allowed for a support to take the CS, is either 1. the ADC is AFK, 2. the ADC is at base and 3. the ADC is inting and losing the lane hard. Besides those three reasons, they have no business taking the ADC's CS. Not only is the support increasing the chance of losing that game, it also puts the ADC behind and the whole team at a disadvantage, because the lack of damage from the ADC, due to him/her being behind. Thanks. Extra note: CS stealing/hitting on accident are excluded ofcourse. I am talking about intentionally stealing/hitting CS on purpose after the ADC asked the support nicely not to. **Extra note: For the people who are instantly downvoting this topic without reading the content of it: Please take a minute to actually read this topic and think about it. Then if you disagree, hit the arrow down button. Thank you.**
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