question about player behavior/greed. (Not in-game gold greed)

Hello people, Today i have a genuine question about player behavior/greed that i would like to discuss. I Became inspired to do so after seeing some posts on the forums about people spending high amounts of money on this free to play game. WHY are people so greedy? do they just see all the skins they want and be like "_**i want that, i want to buy it! i see what i want and i get what i want even if i am not gonna make good use of it or use it again, give it to me, here take my money**_" OR "_**i am a digital online collector, i must own ALL available skins for my favorite champions with NO EXCEPTIONS i must have them, i will pay money (riot points) if thats what it takes**_" ? why is it necessary for them to spend over 100+ euro on a FREE to play game? They must REALLY like it. are these people spoiled? or do they work hard for their money? and if the later, then why waste it if its something they work hard for? and do they take the game seriously? and are they actually good at it? and do they plan to make that money back somewhere down the line via the game itself somehow? (eg, streaming, video making, sponsoships etc) or are they just fanboys? also why do alot of them speak down to others and be condescending to those that don't pay money to play a free to play game? i've seen bums and paupers kick ass alot, and even funnier when it happens to those with the latest or pricey skins. please discuss this madness at once :) All view points welcome

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