The New Honor System

First things first , i'd like to appreciate and thank riot's huge effort for pushing the game and make it more and more better each patch (beside the champs lul) , and i really like to thank them for the new honor system which encourages people to be more humble in win , and more acceptable to lose, and improving game experiences. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ *** Only thing that's tiny but can be annoying sometimes is the ability of honoring 1 member of your team , for example the last few games i played had the whole team being fun to play with and great shot callers , especially me for a (semi-salty) guy who basically blames everything, had fun at this game and was sad that it ended fast , anyways , I felt sad that i couldn't honor my whole team members. _____________________________________________________________________________________ I do accept the idea, it can be good somehow, idk how but meh.. Is there a chance to actually get the ability of honoring your whole team or it's good the way it is ?
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