punishment in this game is automated and it is very harsh.

There are genuine people who are passionate about the game and get angry, this is normal human behaviour. This is a intense PVP game where 5 random players must work together and sometimes people don't get along with each other for various reasons. I bet you any money if this was a 1v1 game thoes people would flame their self. your 14 day bans and perma bans for idiotic reason are the most shittest move i have ever experienced in a gaming community. I have been a gamer since I can remember and I have never been perma banned in any game. the most i got was a 3 day ban in WoW for spamming..... You have streamers flaming verbally instead of typing it in and that is okay? you even encourage to verbally abuse instead of typing it in chat, what difference does this make, which by my understanding means that even you are aware that flaming is a natural behaviour but it's the same shiit, verbaly or typing it in. **I mean your a company who has been "toxic" towards female staff.... you have targeted woman for being woman but you give us 14 day/perma bans for being human and telling someone is a damb ass in-game? ** WE ARE NOT PLAYING HELLO KITTY ONLINE. WE ARE PLAYING A COMPETITIVE, FAST PACED AND INTENSE GAME.
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