perma bann for nothing..

Game 3 In-Game Zaeg: if i lose this game imma leave this game Zaeg: then it will be my 6th lose in a row Zaeg: k Zaeg: another game loss Zaeg: ff 15 Zaeg: imma delete this game Zaeg: idgaf Zaeg: bout this game Zaeg: lol Zaeg: that was miss/ Zaeg: my q went through them Zaeg: i swear Zaeg: i touched him Zaeg: with my %%%%ign q Zaeg: \ Zaeg: look at my match Zaeg: history Zaeg: iam jus ttiled this game thats why im bad Zaeg: all of my other games i was carrying Zaeg: ff in 30 seconds Zaeg: yep Zaeg: idc Zaeg: 3vs1 Zaeg: and couldnt kill a miss fortune Zaeg: pls ff Zaeg: what an noob champ Zaeg: leblanc focusing me Zaeg: the entire game Zaeg: if i was inting Zaeg: i would be 0/30 by now Zaeg: the fun fact is Zaeg: i have 1 more death than nunu Zaeg: does this make him inting too? Zaeg: gg Post-Game Zaeg: wdym i int Zaeg: i have second most dmgin team soo... becoming a bit tilted in a game is a reason to get perma banned? i lost 6 matches in a row so i became tilted really fast.. but i havent insulted any of my teammates nor the ppl of the enemy team (i only posted game 3 because i felt like this one i did really nothing. game 1 and 2 were a bit worse but even in those games i havent insulted anyone)
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