I was playing a random flex queue game, and realised just how low some people are

One of my friends asked me to play flex queue with 3 of his friends. He has a bit of an attitude problem where he blames me for stuff, but I ignored it, since it had been a while. I played a flex queue game with his friends, and all 3 of his other friends had the SAME attitude problem, where they blame you for no reason. I was 2-2 and they were telling me to just farm in my jungle and to stop feeding. They were calling me Bronze and stuff. I was so confused, why would your friends flame you? I decided, I will give into their nonsense, and just ignored the lanes and farmed, to show them how a game is like without a jungler, and they all lost lane hard. The irony is that my friend is really toxic, and he calls me the toxic one. I said right at the end, hey, you are toxic and even your friends are toxic, so I'm just going to delete you. He tried to make a comeback saying how he wanted to delete me instead, but I deleted him anyway. I don't understand why some people get angry over small things. I don't understand why people get angry and like to take it out on their friends, undermining them and making them feel bad. I am starting to conclude that people who play competitively, but get angry really easily, are probably extremely unintelligent. People can control their emotions? But today, I realised, that there ARE similarities in these kind of people. Like his friends and him all criticised without any reason. What I disliked was that they pulled my mood down because they were bad players, when I played with them for fun. I play competitive basketball, so I am used to criticism sometimes, but here it is exaggerated to a whole new level. I find some people just act like they can insult everyone when they have completely rubbish personalities, and they aren't even good (but I guess ignorance causes that).
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