So yeah, another night, another game with TONS OF BOTS.

And dont even dare to delete my thread third time due to the "names", i am sick of this bullshit. Bots are playing MONTHS long, same names over and fucking over, destroying matches for normal people all the time, and you dont even take ANY ACTIONS to actually fight them. There are more and more of them showing up, because how unpunished they feel like. Im sick of this. Someone dont have a time to play at day due to work, and then meets a lot of bots in their games, takes away their PRECIOUS time. Matches with bots happen constantly on Dominion mod, you could meet them almost every second game at evening/night, and when you look at them into loling, they are playing like this for months. Thats how "hack shield" works in this game, if whatever like this exist at all. About the screenshoot, look at their damage to heroes. Only me, yasuo, katarina and fiora were real people... 6 Bots in the game. gg wp

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