Perma banned for being trolled?

Hi, I have recieved a 2 week ban before for saying a few swearwords but I decided to comeback reformed and decided no swearing etc... played some games that went great then got a troll game... I wasnt abusive at all... I had a hardcore troll who kept flashing healing and flaming/trolling for no reason at all ( i was support think she was mad i took one minion ) please judge for yourself if this is worthy of a perma ban... I cant believe it myself this is the evidence they gave me and I had only good games since I returned so there was no need for any flaming... Game 1 Rocky IV: i destroy everyone lcs or not Rocky IV: how about just play gank get us ahead and win Rocky IV: hi Rocky IV: pls be fast on reactions tty Rocky IV: guys come Rocky IV: cait struggling Rocky IV: why troll? Rocky IV: ff at 15 please Rocky IV: this cait Rocky IV: all report cait pls Rocky IV: afk and flame Rocky IV: worst leo i ever seen Rocky IV: so unfair Rocky IV: report Rocky IV: dw i do Rocky IV: so sad people are actually like that Rocky IV: cait u have been muted since min 1 so no point typing to me btw Rocky IV: 47 cs Rocky IV: 11 mins Rocky IV: i hope u guys never get this cait on ur team btw Rocky IV: LOL why me? Rocky IV: check my past games with janna Rocky IV: its not my fault cait trolls Rocky IV: youre not the leader of the team Rocky IV: its over mate Rocky IV: sorry to burst ur bubble Rocky IV: how is it my fault she trolls Rocky IV: and flames Rocky IV: be thankful you havent got cait thats all i can say so toxic Rocky IV: cait f for no reason again Rocky IV: all being recorded for riot Rocky IV: cause cait keeps flash and healing for no reason Rocky IV: muted since min 2
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