Is this ok to do?

Hey guys, in my recent Game there was a Kayle Player, who told me some basically that he want to kill me, but he did it in a smart way to not get detected by the system. The Kayle player said: > I wish my ult could do the opposite it does to you but IRL Since I knew an automated report could never understand this, I wrote a ticket, however I was told that this isn't worth a ban on it's own. I just wanted to ask how you view the situation. To me this is very clearly toxic behaviour and it is very similar to '%%%' In fact I%%%ink this is worse than %%%, which might be %%%tten in a heated situation, whereas he clearly took his time to think of a way to tell me that i should die IRL, to avoid being detected by an automated system. Just for context if someone for some reason doesn't know what kayle ult does, it basically keeps you alive and protects you from dmg, so the opposite of that would be (for me) that i should get hurt badly and die IRL. What are you thoughts on this, Do you think it's okay to behave in such a way. Is this actually not punishable? Am I reading to much into it because he was toxic within the game too? [Endgame screen](
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