Hello everyone, If u are a player who're a part of this League community for considerable amount of time, u all share this common experience im about to say. Remember that {{champion:157}} mid laner who run it down mid lane 2 minutes onto the game coz ur jgler didnt lvl 2 gank him? Remember that Disco {{champion:20}} who literally ran it down while spamming that emote? Well that is that sad part of League @ its finest. Well..., why dwell on the past. But interesting enough a new kind of stain spreads in League these days. Kinda worst case than what i told earlier. most of the time i end up hearing this phrase from the troller/ afker/ or the premades in my games. "Its just a Normal game who cares" "Its just a RGM, who cares" "Its just a Normal game who cares, stop tryharding" "Its just a Normal game who cares, go play ranked if u wanna tryhard" I say these types of players who say such things are worst than that Disco Nunu who trolled my game. Worst than that inting yasuo. People, If u perform poor on an game, just accept it and simply say "I'm sorry i played poorly on this game" to ur teammates. This might sound crazy but u will be amazed to see the results if u do so. But sadly most of the players who feeds/ trolls ends up saying those phrases instead of saying sorry. @ least in my experience. 99% of them DOES NOT accept the fact they perform poorly and lacks the strength to say sorry. If u read this thread and are a player who have done that in the past, pls, by all means, stop using those phrases. Try to be friendly. Try to act as a civilized human being and learn to accept ur mistakes. The results will amaze u. Well if u still dont wanna accept ur mistakes, remember that phrase u told, when u lose ur promotional games 3rd time in a raw coz of a troller. Coz in his mind "Its just a Raked game, Who cares. Stop tryharding in a video game" Thank You. Have a nice day.
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