We need to do something about the Euw playerbase

**Hello everyone!** {{champion:99}} I'm not certain if I have the mental capacity to play this game much longer. There is no good "games" on Euw, you can look to normals or flex and there is even toxicity in those less competetive queues. Most games I've played in season 9 has all come down to which team TILTS the least. As soon as some players fall behind- they give up and start the toxic behaviour which then translates into the rest of the team losing faith- and in most scenarios end it in a loss. Can we please make some stricter rules around this, especially on Euw as I hear this is the server with the most toxicity. **I'm not sure if my mental state can handle playing this game much longer, due to all of the beatings I take when I enter a game**- I don't even need to play bad to be flamed or blamed. Honestly- the issue **shouldn't** be solved with "/mute all" Because I want a team coordinated game- I want to play this intellectually with strategy. NOT the way it currently stands as a game which is impossible to do without a 5 man squad- and to be frank- I don't have 5 friends who I can team up with. I hope most of the community can stand behind this, even though I'm not sure if it will- as a lot of them look up to certain L9 members as well, who are the so called Elite for this behaviour. I've played this game since season 2 and I've stuck by Riot for a long time- I don't usually complain, however this is a problem which needs to be adressed. League used to be a game I could log on to forget the real world for a bit, and I could play and have fun. Now it's a generator for depression.
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