K Y S in every club tag ever... please stop this trend

In my opinion you can't sink lower as a human then wishing other people to kill themselves, so why is everyone and their mother so keen to put the abbreviation for "Kill Yourself" into their names and club tags, not to mention team and /all chat. Do they seriously not realize it's a ban worthy offence listed in the user agreement and summoners code they all agreed to follow all those years ago when they created their account? I'm sick and tired of being told to commit suicide just cause the world doesn't revolve around that one laner who lost lane on their own and doesn't know what to do when behind and just blames anyone and everyone for their own lack of skill (junglers get this treatment the most, they don't deserve this when playing the hardest role to manage) (thank god for the mute function, but i wish i didn't have to use it so often) On a side note i also dislike the trend of typing "Easy/EZ/izi" in all chat after winning the game, ok you're using it to irritate the opponent and making them angry and irrationel, but that doesn't apply to when the games won and over, you're not gonna be facing them again so it's just rude and to be honest it sours the taste of victory when my teammate desides to be a little prick like that. I know that in some people's eyes I'm over reacting (been told to grow some balls countless times), but honestly i'd just like our community to be better, i hate that some of my irl friends won't play league with me because they heard league is super toxic.
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