How to talk to people?

I'm a League player for about 6 or 7 years now, and I never took League as a social game cause people are pretty unreasonable. It goes without saying that typing anything can sometimes be counter-productive. So in these several years playing I only managed to get like 2 friends. I usually /mute all when I play and just do my best. But in the past few months I played FFXIV which has the niiiiiiicest community in ever. I finally got that social game experience and got like 15 friends there in 2 months. So coming back to this game, I let down my guard and began chatting with League people. I got bashed for... Having 400k Yi Mastery points. I was trying to be friendly people! Why are you finding any reason to be a jerk >:( They said "LOL wtf yi 400k mastery and still in this elo" Obviously my next move was /mute all. And RIP trying to chat with people. Few games later I gave it another go and people were super nice and jokey and friendly, and I chatted back and had fun and wooo great game. So like, there's times when you can joke and chat with people, and there's times when you cant talk at all. I've never gotten a single report notification in my life, and I intend to keep it that way. It's just that I love this game to the bone and I wish it could be friendlier in some way. Especially during LCS Worlds I get sooo freaking inspired I'm like "wow I'm glad I play this game". Then I get into a game "n00b go uninstall no gank" Ehhh
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