Mute Everyone by Default

Did you know that you can disable /all-Chat? So why are we able to mute the enemy team every game by just one single option, while most toxicity occours in our own team? The chat is so useless and 99% of the time it's used to trashtalk someone. And when you forget one time to type /mute all in the chat and someone flames, then it's game over for not just you, but everyone else in your team that is tilted. I demand an option, that you can enable, so that in every game everyone is muted. Shouldn't be that hard to implement such thing, is it? So I can play without even caring to mute everyone, since they are already muted. It's annoying to mute someone that flames, because you know he trashtalks you even though you don't hear anything. It's also annoying to type /mute all, because when you fuck up you think you get flamed on, even though you hear nothing. So please, make a "Mute Everyone by Default" option. ######Might've been written with a bit of salt. I just lost a game because a 3 man premade flamed me into oblivion.
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