account of 8 years perma banned for constantly calling someone bad at the game?

did not use and racial slurs the only swear word i used was %%%% and %%%%ing. I constantly reminded him that how bad he was at the game. thank you for the ban much needed to stay away from this %%%%%%ed company. Game 1 In-Game HairyGorilla: lee i need a lvl 3 gank to stop her roams HairyGorilla: ok? HairyGorilla: i asked for a lvl 3 gnak HairyGorilla: u give her first blood and dont help HairyGorilla: twitch is coming top HairyGorilla: yh u ganked the wrong person damn ass HairyGorilla: 6 gtanks in 6 mintues HairyGorilla: twitch HairyGorilla: lee sin 2 ganks HairyGorilla: jungle diff HairyGorilla: i got killed 3 times by twitch HairyGorilla: in6 minutes HairyGorilla: ff HairyGorilla: ff we have a jungler who dont know how to gank HairyGorilla: or counter gank HairyGorilla: just famring as lee sin one of the strongest gankers in game HairyGorilla: if you dont know how to play lee dont play it bro HairyGorilla: go play yii if you want to farm jungle HairyGorilla: play a farming jungler HairyGorilla: not a jungler who is knwon for ganks HairyGorilla: jungle difference HairyGorilla: this guys has more farm and more kills HairyGorilla: how is it possible? HairyGorilla: do you know how jungle works? HairyGorilla: he has ganked 13 times HairyGorilla: and has more farm HairyGorilla: atleast im pro active HairyGorilla: what are u doing, farming? HairyGorilla: dude your famring on leesin HairyGorilla: stfu pls HairyGorilla: go play xin or yii if you want to farm HairyGorilla: ur playing leesin strongest ganker in game HairyGorilla: all your doing is farming HairyGorilla: report this lee for trolling pls HairyGorilla: ur IQ lvl is triggering me HairyGorilla: lol HairyGorilla: this guy has no clue about the game or his surroundings HairyGorilla: this is so sad HairyGorilla: you got boosted and playing in our elo HairyGorilla: lee is trolling and saying no HairyGorilla: did it again HairyGorilla: please report him HairyGorilla: trolling all game
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