How to stop being toxic Hey guys, today is one of the rare occassions where I create thread instead of just replying to other peoples threads. That's because I need your help. Most of the threads on the player behavior boards are mainly about explaining people why and how they have been toxic. That's easy and I think we are all experts at that. However there is a second kind of thread, and that's people who already know that they are toxic but struggle to improve. Those threads are a minority, but I think they are much more important since they are about people who are genuinely trying. These are the threads where we can change something, where we can ACTUALLY help another person and have the chance to make the community a little bit better. But...I think we are not very good at that. At least I feel like I'm not. Sure, I have a few pieces of advice, but I am not very sure about them and it's not much. After all I have never been in the situation, I never had to improve my ingame behavior. What do I know what their problems are? I can only imagine and try to understand from the outside. That's why I thought it might be a good idea to combine our knowledge and try to find everything that might help toxic players fight their anger problem. Let's collect all the methods, all the guides, all the videos, all the arguments....just EVERYTHING that might help toxic players. If someone actually got first-hand-experience at becoming less toxic, let us hear your story about how you did. Everything helps! Thanks in advance
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