Player Behaviour"

First.. i dont know where to post this so imma post it here... i hope it wont be a bother to people, Second this is my letter for riot support.. i tried to find a way to post a ticket but i failed.. And yea i do suck so thank you. i hope this letter will get to them.. And sorry for this bother. And yes.. i got banned, But i hope ill get a second chance. "I wonna apologize for players i've raged at in my games, i'd say rage can control the emotions and make you do mistakes.. in my case.. raging, and i understand the mistake i did, i learned the lesson. ill try to keep my anger away from the game since my team mates or the enemy.. they don't deserve that kind of treatment and yes i still deserve the punishment.. But i'm asking for forgiveness i'm asking for a second chance i'm asking to let me back to the game. I hope you change your mind and give a second thought. It's difficult to control emotions under some hard conditions... Everyone rage.. everyone have hard conditions." Thank you.
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