Before u start downvote my thread pls read it (kinda open letter to community and some riot pls read

Guys guys.. before starting dowvote... Pls read those chat logs that i got from 14 days ban. If u dont believe there is acctualy a print there. This is my 2 account banned. I dont mind if i got permanent suspension.. I might can be "racist there" with french people... but the guy that was typing was worse and worse and saying spanishards to "kill themslefs" also... 11 lines seems enough to get banned.. Repeating im not racist to any kinda people... I've muted everyone and as u can see dind't typed anything in a chat during the hole game but camon... Is this a joke? I bet the code besides this system is just "filter words" Pls argue and i will never say to "unlift the ban" Just give ur comments folks.,. Anyways good luck have fun Game 1 Pre-Game DyogoCosta: lol Post-Game DyogoCosta: vi DyogoCosta: ur the worst jumgler ive ever seen DyogoCosta: %%% DyogoCosta: and also DyogoCosta: report zoe DyogoCosta: for being french DyogoCosta: ty DyogoCosta: french = pooped people from skype DyogoCosta: skye* DyogoCosta: %%% This are the chat logs from i got 14 days suspension.. I was kinda rude to one french guy that was flaming teammates and also he said to %%%... Not to mention that i dont hate french people. got 2 best friends that they were born in france nice people. Apart from saying %%%.. yes kinda rude... but camon only this 11 lines in order to get banned? Is that even "fair" i mean ive seen worse chat logs, and even more chat logs pacifiers.. I dont rlly mind getting banned since i can play other stuff and do other stuff. Pls don't downvote this thread. I want to see ur opinion.
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