First time getting trolled very hard (Are reports effective?)

A little bit about myself for this post to be clear. I'm a long time LoL player in EUNE server. Started back in season 2 and now I'm at platinum V (Peak: Platinum IV). I have invested relatively lots of hours(~1000h) and now I main ADC/Support role. I have never experienced heavy other player abuse other than leaving game/afk, verbal or just pure salt. On October 2nd 2016, I wanted to play the last normal match on Summoner's rift. As I entered the draft pick, I was given an ADC role(2nd pick). There was a squad of three members and one of them got support role(4th pick)(let's call him Ivern, as he picked that champion). Ivern asked me to pick Bard, a support champion, for him so that we could switch after the draft pick. I believed Ivern and picked Bard, but as soon as it was his time to pick a champion, Ivern asked me what would I like to get. I told him that I wanted Lucian, however he requestioned me "Oh so you want Ivern?"(or something like that) several times and he picked Ivern as I have mentioned before. After that, his squad and himself proceeded to accuse me of being a troll, picking bard as an adc, even though they were trolling me. During the start of the match, they asked everyone in all-chat to report me for being a troll (I think they three reported me as well after the match just for fun). At this point, I was annoyed to the maximum because I really wanted to train with Lucian, however, I did not let them make me salty, so I calmly confronted the situation and tried to play as best as I could while building AD Bard. At first, the game started out well, we got some kills, I was trying my best whereas Ivern being a support was trying to steal farm and kills. During the game, I wrote "Sorry for being too good for your bullshiz" at the point where I was something like 4/2. He replied to that saying that I'm getting carried by diamonds (they are diamond V and IV players) as I am "plat V <insert a curse word right here>". Ultimately, we lost the game as other team Jinx outscaled us. This game tilted me very much. I was demotivated to play LoL ever again even though I like this game a lot. Several questions arose after this match, I hope that the Riot staff and the good side of community will be able to help me. Firstly, should I really be nervous because of this accident, is it a commodity for other players and is something done about it? Secondly, if I reported those people, what ban would they get (Permaban or will it be just assumed as a minor offense)? I wouldn't like them running around ruining other player games as others may not take it so lightly, especially when they can easily do that in ranked games as well. Thirdly, why players going up a rank do not change to the better side? I know from experience that most of the salty, angry and aggressive players sit in Bronze, Silver and Gold and I thought that if a player has a higher rank, he is more tolerant and cooperative. I do not understand their arrogant behaviour... The match results and overview: [redacted] Their Summoner names are there as well... After this game, I do not think that I will be playing much of LoL, try to make me change my mind. _**Moderator's note**: redacted the name(s) due to naming & shaming, please follow the [Universal Rules](!_

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