maybe a good idea for improving Ranked mode

hello Riot. first of all i want to say thanks for the great game and the hard work you do! forgive my bad English i have a suggestion that MAYBE could improve ranked mode league. there are tooooo many players that because they cant get their favorite lane,with their favorite champions, will come and play rank. and its bad . also sad imagine after 8 hours of playing you reach your promo in your division and your jungler is FIRST TIME RENGAR for example. my solution is, if you lock the champions that are under mastery level 4 or 5 for example it will help to improve. the resault is that your teammates knows AT LEAST what is their champion abilities and skills :D that means if i just bought a new champ i can only play Normal or Aram or custom with it after several games and reaching level 4-5-6 or 7 i can pick it in ranked mode. hope you like the idea or if you dont PLEASE find a solution for this situation BRONZE division is like a marsh the more you try to get higher the more you will get down.
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