When you are doing well with a champion and MMR(On OPGG) rockets, why horrible ppl follows

Whenever I struggle to climb, I look for a new champ and occasionally do very well with it. 60%+ win streak and 4+KDA. I tend to get some horrible ppl that after 3-5 games. I don't understand whether this is a side-effect of Riot's matchmaking or it is just pure bad luck. Majority of games prior to that is quite positive with a few quitters or flamers. I always report them, but it seem that I am overthinking since they rarely get warned. Then comes one single game that will most likely ruin my mood for the entire day. Such as the most recently lost as Cho Gath. It is not just one bad apple, but 4, and all 4 talks no stop trying to push blames. Usually if it is one guy, the rest of us simply ignore him and let him cry. But when two or more starts arguing, it gets so horrible. I honestly feel like if I do too well with a champion I will get punished for it. I am worried that I need to frequently change champ AND do well with them in order to climb :( EDIT: Hatefully, but true. I just had two losses in a row where it is just a snowball for enemy team. The KDA ratio of my team is well below 0.5 ._. EDIT: I can't find any more champ I can carry with even if I try, people wants a tank on their team but never wants to play it. So every time I ended as tank, watching as I die slowly while enemy health barely moves... 47% Win rate but climb all the way from gold 5. Every lose is 17-20 LP, One win is 22-25 LP.Even the gain is tiny, it is still hurtful to my attitude and mood playing...
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