chat restriction for asking to get help

I wrote in the ticket that nothing in the log is offensive or anything, and the reply was this: Here are the kind of the behaviors that may result in a punishment: Insulting, harassing, argumentative or offensive language directed at other players. Any kind of hate speech such as homophobia, sexism, racism, and ableism. Intentionally ruining the game for other players with in game actions such as griefing, feeding, or purposely playing in a way to make it harder for the rest of the team. Unnecessarily disruptive language or behavior that derails the match for other players. again i told them that non of the logs have any of those included. reply: Avatar VAn0nym0us Today at 14:06 Actually, except for [11:03] can i get some help here pls? -.- long story short. write more than 10lines~ and you could get even banned for THIS.
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