Is there a consequence for intentional feeding?

A couple of days ago I played a ranked game and got a player on my team who straight up banned the champion I had selected and then went on to pick Rek'Sai top. In chat he said he was going to feed and we would lose the game. As the game goes by he kept on running into the enemies and died over and over again, ending the game at 19 minutes with 1/11/1. The average elo in this game was Platinum 1. Now after 6 days I look up his summoner profile and this guy is still playing and hard inting like every second game he plays but even managed to climb to diamond 3. Why is there no punishment for people who are obviously trolling? There are sometimes around 4 games in a row, in which he just goes: 1/10/7; 3/10/1; 5/13/8; 0/10/1. He is obviously feeding on purpose in some of those games and it seems like there has been no move against him. On another note, how is someone like this player in a higher league even though he is performing poorly every game. I've never had a more negative experiences playing LoL than in the last couple of weeks and I hope big problems like these are finally getting addressed. I already started a discussion but naming the player was seen as "shaming", naming a player who played 1100 games this season and trolled in them is getting my discussion removed but the fact that he has been destroying so many games just this season has till brought nothing negative for him.

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