Ruining the game.

So i felt like typing the types of bad people in this game who need to be taken action against cause we all hate. 1. **The Child**: Degree of annoyance 6/10___Should be banned for 2 days-2 weeks. This type of players is a really annoying one,why is that? simply because he will blame the jungler/support for not helping him. This guy thinks that he was born special and everyone in his team should follow his orders. He is pathetic and threatens to go afk and troll (although he most likely won't) **EVERY** time he dies. He can be Avoidable by simply muting him ingame. 1. **The Un-Joiner**: Degree of annoyance: 0/10_____Should be banned from 2 weeks-Permabanned. What makes this type un-annoying is the fact that he basically doesn't do anything.He picks a champ,goes ingame then stands at fountain till a " **A Summoner Has Disconnected** " big line appears. There's a chance of the team to win depending on the leaver's position of course. 1. **The AFK**: Degree of annoyance 10/10______Should be banned for 2 weeks-Permabanned. We all hate this guy. Because he is a guy who mostly gave a couple of kills to his lane enemy then afk because "No help" then he just dances at base or buy wards". He thinks that the jungler is his support and should be ganking him all the damn time. They are hard for the tribunal to ban because if the guy stays at base doing anything the system won't detect him being afk. Only reports might do something. 1. **The Almost toxic**: Degree of annoyance 8/10________Depends on the tribunal. This one insults but with basic words like "F*uck you.noob,l2p,QQ,noob jungler no smite".He will try to find ur tiniest mistakes so that he can make a comment on them.Even if he didn't see that u stole baron then died in a 1 vs 5 he would still insult you. 1. **The Toxic**: Degree of annoyance 9/10____________Depends on the tribunal. Same as the above,except that this one doing heavier insults like "you are a f*cking Canc*r,you m****f****",you are retarded" He thinks that he is a god and does no mistakes although he does tons of them but won't really admit. 1. **The**: Degree of annoyance:10000/10.____ Permabanned every time. This type of guys is one that everysingle gamer on breathing oxygen playing any human made game hates. He is simply a game Destroyer. He goes into game,With his capslock on all the time.He insults from champ select,with death threats,bad family insults,24/7 ingame commentary about when the jungler should smite,his insults vary but he will say **GANK ME YOU F*CKING NOOB** every once in a while. Even when u mute him he is just going to troll,insult,capslock the shit out of you and lets not forget his infinite pings that will always haunt you. He is gonna do his best so u sir can lose. 1. And finally,**The Troller**: Degree of annoyance 1 Quadrillion/10.______His ip should be prevented from entering any online game.Not even penguins club.This loser right here cares no fucks about anyone.He will run to enemies turret evenly to give them kills starting by mostly bot lane. He is worse than all other types because he insults,trolls,give u hella bad experience and fucks up the entire game.And guess what? The enemy will mostly honor him for giving them free elo. So a message to all people who are like this out there,we hate you. We all hate you. No one in this game loves u at all because you are pointless guys who care about having fun on the sake of ruining the experience of another 4 players. What do u guys think about this,which deserves more bans/restrictions or anything? Share your thoughts..
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