Permabanned for no reason

I am literally permabanned for that: Chatlog: Game 1 Pre-Game xShuki: adc In-Game xShuki: bot no summs xShuki: both reported for griefing xShuki: can you stop taking my farm bvrand? xShuki: I really tried to play, but there is support that grief my game so I won't waste more time, good luck guys and try to win xShuki: Brand won't play support so he takes my farm xShuki: I asked him kindly but he refuses xShuki: you should know that asking for report is banable and 9 reports counts same as one xShuki: I reported people multiple times and every time I got that answer from riot support xShuki: okay xShuki: as u wish :=) xShuki: akali, try to change your behavior, you are so negative xShuki: enjoy in game xShuki: i will mute you as rioter told me and i will report you xShuki: you can try to win instead of blaming me for mistakes xShuki: fine :9 xShuki: i like ur gameplay teemo xShuki: ill help u xShuki: Asking for reports is banable akali xShuki: nop :) xShuki: xd xShuki: should i care akali? xShuki: why? xShuki: it's my opinion xShuki: you have button to agree or not to agree xShuki: they are doing baron xShuki: and we dont have ward on it xShuki: as i can see im best in team, idk why you blame me for everything xShuki: yy xShuki: try to change ur behavior akali, u are so much negative xShuki: im really positive and im trying to win it by splitpushing, but you are flaming at me and asking everyone to report me for no r xShuki: change ur behavior, focus on game and win xShuki: teemo's e is toxic, he must be :P xShuki: you are literally asking him not to shot basics xShuki: im trying to do my best, best farm, best assists, vision score, but you all flame me, idk why xShuki: change your behavior and focus on game men xShuki: im not trolling, im doing my best while u flame me xShuki: you are so much toxic buddy, change urself Post-Game xShuki: that akali was so much toxic :/ Game 2 In-Game xShuki: yas, can u ward our red? xShuki: bot help me xShuki: smiteless pls xShuki: sto nisi na disc? xShuki: aha xShuki: odoh bot jung ocistiti pa cu opet gank xShuki: bot, can u take care about dragon please? xShuki: u did when kassa attacked xShuki: and u havent warded drake as i said xShuki: so not my prob xShuki: shaco is in our botlane jungle always and u haven't warded it yet xShuki: i asked u many times xShuki: i see who's flamer sona :) xShuki: yy :) xShuki: ty xShuki: I posted thread about u on boards :) Post-Game xShuki: sona and sivir, i really hope u will get punished for negative behavior xShuki: see ya :) xShuki: yy :) xShuki: ur mum works for riot, right? xShuki: you could change ur behaviour, as i see you have many loses in ur match history xShuki: That's because u are negative xShuki: :) xShuki: lear to play instead of flaming kid, bye.
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