Is this a bug? Or scripter got caught?

Anti-AFK!? | 2 AFKs in ranked.
This summoner by the name of "PIZZA DELIVERY" after leaving the game kept moving his character even tho he was gone? Seems pretty suspicious to me...
After having a bad day, I decided to try my luck on solo queue, which still proved to be bad, but I stumbled upon what I would call and what I think is a **scripter**. Shortly before losing the game, our support Blitzcrack went AFK. Shortly after our top-laner _Nidalee_ joined him. > What was weird about it, is that after it literally said she left the game 2 times, _**her "then still at fountain" character started making small movements here and there. **_ To be honest, I don't even know what that is supposed to be. That is why I have taken my chances and posted it here so maybe you guys can check it out and tell me. **Although something is really fishy here...** >** It will make me very happy hearing your thoughts...**
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